Swift Elite 4.0 Solution

Posted by on November 9, 2019

wift Elite 4.0 is the Complete Entertainment SolutionTM for the PC brought to you by TriceraSoft.

Host any VJ, DJ, or KJ show at the click of a mouse pointer. Bring the Power of Video, VCD, DVD, CD+G, CD-Audio, Karaoke Media Files (Audio+G), Audio files, and Video Sources (Cameras, DV) into one awesome program.Automate your show or take full control – enable your Auto Crossfade, Next Singer display, Queue mode, and Playlist presets and let it go. You will awe your audience with a video or karaoke show that will knock their socks off!!

Swift Elite includes all importing tools, CD+G Disc playback and ripping tools, export songbook creator, very cool transitions, slideshow, next singer features, and many many more…
  • New: Denon DN-HC4500 MIDI Controller Native Support
  • Lowest CPU Usage and Highest Performance Level of all comparable products on the market
  • Singer History
  • Remote Request Tool (Request songs from a remote machine)
  • Auto Gain Control (Maintains 0dB to 4dB)
  • Beautiful Video and Audio Crossfading
  • 48 Unique Video Transitions
  • 32 Band Equalizer
  • Master Pitch and Tempo
  • Lighting Control (DMX, Relay, and Dimmer)
  • Mix Audio, Video, and Karaoke
  • Live, Cue, Preview, or Monitor
  • Multi-Soundcard Support
  • ASIO Soundcard Support (Multi-Channel Cards)
  • Large Preview Monitors (You see what’s playing)
  • Key/Tempo Settings Save in Playlist Files
  • Add Video or Audio Sources like Tracks
  • Play Direct CD+G Discs with Deinterleave
  • Now Using SPTI for CD-ROM support under Windows (rather than the older ASIO)
  • High Resolution Images Behind CDG Graphics
  • CDG Background Image Rotation
  • Change CDG Background LIVE!
  • Independent Picture Slideshow
  • Video Montage (BlueScreening/ChromaKey)
  • MIDI Controller Support
  • Numark DMC-1 and DAC-2 Controller Support
  • Firefly Remote Control
  • ATI Remote Wonder
  • FreeFrame Plugins Support
  • Customize Any Function to a KEY!
  • BPM Analysis of MP3, MP3+G , and Videos
  • 8 Cue Points Per Deck (8 Intro/1 Outro)
  • Visualizations (Particle and WinAMP AVS support)
  • KAR files with Lyrics
  • Mini Web Broadcast
  • Playlist Scheduler
  • Dynamic Lighting Utilizing S.C.R.A.M.
  • DMX Ready (requires SCRAMDMX Modules)
  • DMX Active Scenes (Multi Universe)
  • DMX Effects Editor
  • FLV Videos Now Supported
  • MP3+G+MIDITM – Output MIDI along with Karaoke
  • Video+MIDITM – Output MIDI along with Video
  • More Information…
  • For Latest Features Visit The Swift Support Forum.


  • Turn your Surround Sound Card to an ASIO Capable Card: Visit www.asio4all.com
  • DVD Ripping must be done with a third party software (extraction to MPEG1 is recommended)
  • Karaoke MP3+G Songs can be purchased from this link: Online Karaoke Songs


  • DVD and MPEG2 requires the Elecard or Similar Codecs installed (instructions on Swift Elite Support page).
  • TextDB Updates must be purchased seperately at the following link: TextDB Update Page


Supported Formats:

– Karaoke: MP3+G , Audio+G, CDG Only,
MP3+G Zipped, KAR, KMF, KMA
– MPEG Audio: MP3
– Audio Media: WAV, WMA
– Video and CDG: MPG, AVI, DAT, WMV, FLV, MP4, VOB
– Disc: CDDA, CDGA, VCD, DVD (use VOB)
– Picture: BMP, JPG, PNG, TGA, (GIF in Playlist and Ambients)

Building Your Own Machine?

We highly recommend that you look into our solutions. But if you are going to build your own be aware that you must configure the system to our recommended specifications – Swift Elite 4.0 is an advanced Video Solution that requires efficient components (where the correct video card, RAM and CPU are important). The solutions we provide are tuned and built to run Swift Elite 4.0. These solutions will save you the hastle and money of choosing incorrect components. If you are going to build your own, be sure to exceed the minimum the recommended specifications on this product page, if your focus is video playback be sure standard known brands such as ATI and nVidia are used and that you test all components first. Note that there is no guarantee that parts combined on your own will work efficiently. Be Prepaired to exchange parts if they are not compatible.