Sorry, but for the time being, due to illegal publisher lawyer tactics, and meaningless and unwarranted attacks on our well being, we have no choice but to block the entire USA for an unspecified time. When we were given no clear cause or demand of how doing the right thing became wrong, aside from the need to totally annihilate us to no purpose further than to eliminate legal competition by any means, the conclusion is extreme corruption and greed. We are not sure to the estimated time nor any promise that we will ever unblock access for those in the USA and we apologize to our loyal customers as this was not our doing, we followed all the rules. We have not yet been explained how being over-licensed, actively being licensed direct, doing everything as instructed by the publisher for the last 10 years, and seeing only licensed companies drawn into lawsuits is considered 'legal' business practice, but we are sure that at some point in time such evil will finally be noticed by the industry or at the least someone who can respond in kind.

NOTE: All the songs purchased to-date are legit and yours to use, this will not affect anyone's ability to use the songs purchased. If you require previously claimed items (ONLY available songs not removed from the catalog), use the Mass Download Tool, click here.

If you have credits left, your accounts will remain safe and will persist with the balance. If worse comes to worse and we choose to close the service, we will reimburse everyone with leftover credit - you do not require to make this request, we will stand by our word to all our loyal customers. At this point we require your continued support. Visit the support ticket system if you require to contact us: click here. We will make a general announcement if anything changes.